A Circle Rhythm Game

An Introduction

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Cyclic was a game I made way back in high school around 4 years ago and had just recently came back to in order to add some finishing touches. You spin around a circle avoiding triangles and collecting balls, synchronized to the music of course. Taking inspiration from games such as Super Hexagon, Soundodger+, and Geometry Dash, Cyclic was an exercise to see whether I could make a game that was not only fun to make but also fun to play. Despite the awful user interface, questionable coding practices, and a poorly designed difficulty curve, I enjoyed my time with Cyclic and I hope other people can enjoy it as well.

The Game Itself

Also Gameplay Footage

The game can be played in browser (Which supports Android mobile devices as well!) or in a downloadable executable (Which is 10x better performance wise, highly recommended). To spin around the circle, use the mouse buttons or the arrow keys. Collect balls and avoid triangles. The rest of the game expands upon those concepts. Achievements unlock customizable player skins and other secrets. If the game lags too much, there are settings that can help improve performance such as "Limit Gameplay Effects" and "Limit Level Effects".

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Also Gameplay Footage